Article 1
The work we want performed is clearly indicated on the attached plans and specifications. The Architect, who has had plenty of college, has spent a lot of time drawing up these plans and specifications, but nobody can think of everything. Once your bid is submitted to the Owner-that’s it brother! From then on, anything wanted by the Architect, the Owner, or any of his friends, or anybody else except the Contractor shall be considered as shown, specified, intended, or implied, and shall be provided by the Contractor without any expense to anyone except the Contractor.

Article 2
If the work is done without extra expense to the Contractor, then the work will be taken down and done over again until the extra expense to the Contractor is satisfactory to the Architect.

Article 3
The contract drawings are intended to be correct. If drawn wrong it should be discovered by the Contractor, corrected, and done right at the contractor’s own expense. It won’t cut any ice with the Owner or the Architect if the Contractor points out the mistakes which the Architect has drawn on the plans.

Article 4
The Contractor is not supposed to make fun of the Architect, the plans, or specifications. If bad remarks are made, then the same consequence shall apply as stated in Article 3 above.

Article 5
Any Contractor walking around the job site smiling, will be subject to a review of his bid.

Article 6
If the Contractor doesn’t find all the Architect’s mistakes prior to bidding on this job, or if the Contractor doesn’t have enough sense to know that the Architect is going to think up a bunch of new stuff that has to be done before the job can be deemed complete, then the Contractor shall provide any such items without extra expense to the Owner or Architect.

Article 7
Any evidence of satisfaction on the part of the Contractor shall be considered as just cause for withholding final payment.

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