To be the best builder on the planet, as measured by our clients’ love for our work.


Integrity. Our commitment to trust and honor are integral to every building and relationship. We use highly transparent pricing, accounting, and systems while protecting our clients’ resources as a faithful fiduciary.

Relationships. Chanen builds positive long-term relationships with clients, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and every Chanen team member built on trust, respect, and shared values.

Respect. We follow the Golden Rule in every business interaction by treating people how we would like to be treated using active listening, forthright communications, collaboration, and teamwork.

Client Focus.  The construction client is the focus of everything we do at Chanen.  Team members are empowered to serve the client which means that Construction Operations is the driving force to this goal. All Company departments and all team members help drive construction operations.

Stewardship. In furtherance of the vision of our founder Herman Chanen, the family nature of our business and longevity of our company dictates that we be leaders of the communities where we build, imbuing our work in best environmental, social, and governance practices.

Innovation Not Experimentation. Chanen applies proven best in class technology in all aspects of building and innovates new ways to use technology to gain productivity, but does not experiment with unproven tools at our client’s expense.

Long Term Thinking.  We look at the construction business as an infinite game.  While a finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game is played for the purpose of maintaining continuity.  Therefore, we are in it for the long term being obsessed with the journey and vision instead of competition.  This creates win-win solutions, such as our perfect 65-year track record of never filing a claim against a client.

Continuous Improvement.  As believers in life-long learning, we pursue productivity improvement every day utilizing a life-cycle mindset, sustainable design, standardization, and lean construction all built on our strong foundation of alignment of client and contractor goals.