As Investment

As builder, we may seek opportunites to invest in for-profit ventures in which we can also be the builder. Contact Steve Chanen at (602) 266-3600 to discuss opportunites for Chanen to server as builder and investor.


As often as not, a client will present us with special conditions and necessities for his project that will turn a traditional contract into a variant of the standard forms. This is, of course, what makes every project unique. But achieving these variations implies extraordinary understanding of the design and executing the work with a select battery of subcontractors and consultants. The depth of our portfolio illustrates the spectrum of our clients, for whose occupancy requirements we often brought all our experience to bear, from programming to concept-phase costing to turn-over.

It is this kind of expertise that Chanen brings to projects whose construction solutions are best achieved under build-to-suit delivery. With our 65 years in the construction industry Chanen can muster resources to evaluate each client’s circumstances to assist in determining if these would be best served by build-to-suit. For a number of our clients we have undertaken site-acquisition and evaluation tasks, engaged specialty technical and design consultants where appropriate, and advised on structuring the construction financing as well as the purchasing of interior fixtures and furnishings.

To satisfy specific client needs Chanen may purchase a site and erect a facility to the client’s specifications, under any of a variety of agreements. Because our experience extends to the ownership and operation of certain facilities we are also able to assemble a comprehensive list of items that may be procured directly by the client, the occupant, or as part of the construction contract, as may be determined to be in the client’s best interest.

Whatever the selected build-to-suit profile, every project we undertake receives the customized attention to detail and traditional professionalism that we bring to all Chanen projects.