To be successful, any complex endeavor requires leadership. Working in the role of construction manager, Chanen provides that leadership on behalf of the owner.

We are involved from the initial planning stage when opportunities to control cost and save money are at their greatest. As the team leader, we work with the owner and the architect/engineer to direct discussions on user objectives, financial feasibility, site utilization and other critical criteria.

In the design phase, Chanen’s pragmatic insight into value engineering helps balance functional and aesthetic objectives, while achieving maximum value within the client’s budget. In fact, it is not uncommon for a client to save an amount in excess of our construction management fee during this phase alone.

In the construction phase, Chanen is involved in estimating, scheduling and managing the actual construction progress, quality and budget. This process combines sophisticated expertise with a focused understanding of factors impacting the progression of a project from the conceptual stage to the certificate of occupancy. The result is a project that is completed on time, within the budget and in conformity with all specified requirements.